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VR Technology@Architecture and Interior Design Application Lecture

VR 科技@建築及室內設計應用演講

VR 科技@建築及室內設計應用演講

引入VR 技術-讓客人清楚理解建造後的實質空間比例和模樣,彌補3D立體圖的不足,讓客人不需花大量資金,時間,人力物力,建造實景或模型。更不用擔心建造後的效果和誤差,現在,只要有一支智慧型手機,可360度環繞空間,一目了然。或裝上VR眼鏡(Virtual Reality Glasses),就可以打破空間和時間的種種限制,真實去體驗現場那種3D環繞的視覺景象,VR所提供的,不僅僅是虛擬世界,還會把你/妳帶進真實的世界!

VR Technology@Architecture and Interior Design Application Lecture

Introduce VR technology-to let guests clearly understand the actual space proportion and appearance after construction, make up for the lack of 3D stereograms, so that guests do not need to spend a lot of money, time, manpower and material, to build real scenes or models. Not to mention the effects and errors after construction. Now, as long as you have a smartphone, you can surround the space 360 degrees at a glance. Or install VR glasses (Virtual Reality Glasses), you can break the limitations of space and time, and truly experience the 3D surrounding visual scene on the scene. VR provides not only a virtual world, but also you/you Bring into the real world!

5   /   03   /   2018

​Presentation by Patrick Choi

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